Interplanetary flight technology  

The various research on the propulsion system of the interplanetary space craft is conducted
from evaluation of the existing system to the proposal of future system

<Magneto Plasma Sail>

A magnetic sail is a proposed method of spacecraft propulsion which would use a static magnetic field
to deflect charged particles radiated by the Sun as a plasma wind, and thus impart momentum to accelerate
the spacecraft. A magnetic sail could also thrust directly against planetary and solar magnetospheres.

In order to reduce the size and weight of the magnet of the magnetic sail,
it may be possible to inflate the magnetic field using a plasma, in the same way that the plasma
around the earth stretches out the earth's magnetic field in the magnetosphere.
This approach is called magneto plasma sail.

We research the magneto plasma sail on the various approach from verification of this innovative propulsion system
based on the experimental using space chamber to feasibility study of this-type spacecraft

 Image of the space craft with magneto plasma sail

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