--Research and Development in Abe-Funaki Lab--

Abe-Funaki Lab conducts various research and development about space transportation system
in the viewpoints of Aerodynamics and/or Thermophysics.

Recently, we research and develop mainly 3 topics as follow

1) Atmospheric-entry and re-entry technology
2) Technology for planetary exploration mission in the future
3) Interplanetary flight technology, specially "Magneto Plasma Sail"

There are more information in the page of each topic.

Atmospheic-entry and re-entry technology
 Electro-magnetic heat shield
 Low ballistic coefficient atmospheric-entry with flexible aeroshell
 Aerodynamics and/or thermophysics in atmospheric-entry environment

Planetary exploration technology
 Aerocapture / Aerobraking
 Winged rover for planetary exploration
 Plasma actuator

Interplanetary flight technology
 Magneto Plasma Sail